Space High School Apocalypse

Space High School Apocalypse

Tell your own story as you play this quick and engaging Card Game for 3-8 players where you try to have the highest social rankings before the end of the world!


INCLUDED: Awesome rules and a cheat sheet!

TOTALLY NOT INCLUDED: 1 Deck of standard playing cards for 3-4 players or 2 decks for up to 8 players!


Full Concept: 

You live in the educational, satellite facility Space High School. The Monitor is the super computer AI keeping things running day to day, so there’s no need for any distracting adults. Just like in regular Earth Dirt High School your social ­­­standing is the most important thing to you as a student. Everyone is plugged into SpaceBook, the future’s preferred social network where the Hall Monitor automatically updates each SpaceBook page with your current social status whether you like it or not. The Hall Monitor says humiliation builds human potential.


Recently you’ve stopped getting news from the adults on the p­lanet below, and The Hall Monitor is beginning to make mistakes. You may die up here, but if that happens you're going to make sure you rule the school first.


Or at the very least make sure Becky suffers. . . Nobody really likes you BECKY!